Time-li-ner | Table Cape Lookout

Location: Tommeginer Country
Client: Waratah Wynyard Council
Phase: Design

Tuning In to Mesofauna & Deep Time

This project is located in Time-li-ner | Table Cape, on the north-west coast of Tasmania on Tommeginer Country. It is on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the turbulent Bass Straight.

Time-li-ner has a rich and complex history. There is evidence of over 20,000 years of First People’s occupation here, and traces of fish trapping, huts and smoke signals are still evident across the site.

The steep sides of the Cape have been spared clearing and farming, and are home to several endemic species of flora and fauna. There is also a lighthouse, and a tulip farm where there once was a  forest of majestic 80 metre high eucalypts.

The project is a collaboration between Heliotope and Sandpit, working together to create a design that provides shelter and amenity to visitors, and tells the story of the history of place from the different perspectives of those who have passed through, or called the cape their home.

The project is an exercise in practising regenerative principles. By paying close attention to what is and was there and building relationships with local peoples, we are developing a methodology to ‘do less harm’.  Acknowledging the role of architecture and building in the climate crisis and the continuation of systems of oppression, we are trying to find the moments of agency within the design process for change to work to repair the site, it’s surrounds and community.

 FIG 1 Time-li-ner_Table Cape Cliff Face LIDAR

[FIG 1] Time-li-ner_Table Cape Cliff Face LIDAR

[FIG 2] Time-li-ner_Table Cape Vegetation LIDAR

[FIG 3] Time-li-ner_Table Cape Vegetation LIDAR

[FIG 5] Time-Li-Ner_Table Cape, Time 06.12, Day 23, 2023 CE